These FAQ’s are designed to answer the most common questions people ask us when considering 1AutomationWiz as their shopping cart software, marketing automation, or email marketing solution.

If for some reason you don’t find the answer you are looking for in our, contact us directly so one our new account specialists can assist you with any questions you may have.

1AutomationWiz FAQ's:

What is 1AutomationWiz ?

1AutomationWiz is an Ecommerce Solutions Application Service Provider (ASP) recognized as the first choice by some of the most savvy and most profitable merchants and marketers in the world.

1AutomationWiz allows you to take online orders in “real time,” WITHOUT requiring additional “plug-ins” or installing software on your computer, web host or server, or having to pay additional fees.

1AutomationWiz does all your follow up marketing for you automatically and even tracks your affiliates, advertising, e-mail campaigns, and more.

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Is this ecommerce automation system easy to use?

Yes it is! If you can “copy & paste,” you can use 1AutomationWiz. Just create a new account, and then log in to your personal control panel, choose your basic settings, add your products to the database and answer a few simple questions.

Then just copy & paste a few lines of HTML code into your web site / blog or CMS (or have your web master do it) and you’re done!

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Do you host my web site or online store?

No we do not host your site. You are free to host your web site anywhere you would like and with any web host.

Because we “plug-in” your web site rather then making you to host with us, you have more flexibility and control in how and where you run your business, and your costs are lower too.

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Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. Our service agreements simply run month to month. You may cancel at anytime with no further obligation.

That said, you can lockin a 15% discount on your subscription price when you choose the annual package option during sign up.

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Do you charge any setup fees to get started?

No, never! Unlike some other shopping cart providers, we do not charge a setup fee. Nor do charge any transaction fees on the sales you make from your web site. You keep all the sales proceeds from your site.

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Do I need to know how do any programming?

No not at all! Being familiar with how to “copy & paste” HTML is helpful but not required.

Unlike other shopping cart providers, we do not automatically generate product or “store” pages for you. Instead you “plug in” your 1AutomationWiz product check out URL’s into your existing or new web pages, social media or e-mail

If you can “copy & paste” you’re pretty much “good to go”!

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Can I use a single account for multiple sites?

Yes you can. Simply create your product link codes, configure the correct “continue shopping” and “thank you” URL’s and you are good to go!

Your 1AutomationWiz account will support an unlimited number of different web sites.

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Do I need my own SSL certificate?

No. Once you set up your account with us your checkout pages are automatically covered under our secure server certification so there is no need for you to purchase your own SSL.

This one feature alone can save you thousands of dollars a year in IT services and PCI compliance mandates.

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Can I use this with my existing web site?

Of course. That’s what most of our clients do. In many cases, they already have a web site, and just need to add a shopping cart and or marketing tools.

Since we “plug in” to any web site, it’s easier to add our ecommerce solution to a web site then most other shopping cart software or “store builders.”

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Can I customize the look and feel of my check out pages?

You sure can! You can customize the look and feel of the page, add your own graphics, product pictures and text. You can even format that text using HTML or .CSS.

Since we plug into your site, you can design your online store to look and work any way you wish. Other then form field placement (Name, address, etc), how your check out pages look is completely up to you!

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Do I need a merchant account to take orders?

That depends. If you currently process credit cards, you can continue to use the merchant account provider you have in most cases. We support over four dozen payment gateways so compatibility is rarely an issue.

However, if you don't yet have your own Internet merchant account, we can help you obtain one for free. Click here to find out more about our FREE merchant account offer.

You can also use Pay Pal as your payment processor as well if you choose. If don't yet have your own Pay Pal merchant account click here.

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What credit card payment gateways do you support?

We offer built in support for over four dozen credit card payment gateways so chances are we support yours. If you don't see yours listed, give us a call at: 1-888-792-1961 and ask. Chances are we support it.

supported payment gateways

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What makes you different?

In short, our shopping cart works fundamental differently then others online store builder type shopping carts.

Instead of using an "online store builder" (which can be very limiting), with 1AutomationWiz you simply log in to your account, click the CREATE NEW PRODUCT link and type in the details, options, and price of your item.

Next we’ll give you a unique web URL for that new product. Just copy and paste that URL into your web site, blog, email or social media channel and you are DONE.

When the customer clicks your "Buy Now" button, they’ll go to a secure check out page where they will complete their order.

Once the transaction is complete, the buyers are automatically returned to your web site or to whatever URL or thank you page you wish.

In fact, you can even specify a unique thank you page for EVERY product you offer.

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What type of businesses use 1AutomationWiz?

It's great for any business that sells online. And because with 1AutomationWiz doing all your prospecting, marketing and sales processes for you automatically, you can run your business from the beach, or coffee shop – many of our clients already do!

And remember, 1AutomationWiz requires NO installation, special scripts, CGI, client or server software. Everything runs on our servers and you can access your personal control panel from any computer in the world.

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Will your ecommerce solution help convert more sales?

You bet! Remember, because the system is on auto-pilot, it works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

1AutomationWiz doesn’t need time off, or a vacation. It doesn’t call in sick, it doesn't’t need a “Personal day”, and it won’t take time off for “family emergencies.” This means that it’s there all the time, closing more sales for you then you or your employees ever could!

Plus, we offer more than just a shopping cart. We supply the essential marketing tools you need to succeed online.

Tools such as:

» Autoresponders
» Ad trackers
» Affiliate tracking software
» Online questionnaires
» Online database management
» Newsletters
» Email broadcasting to your prospects, clients and affiliate program software too.

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Is the 1AutomationWiz shopping cart SEO friendly?

We’ll go on record as stating 1AutomationWiz s the MOST SEO friendly shopping cart on the planet!

Here's why: You design your site / blog anyway you want. We don’t limit your creativity. When you use 1AutomationWiz as your shopping cart, there’s no complex code or funky URL strings to get in the way of your SEO custom optimization.

This way search engines like Goggle see your pages as you intended and they are not confused or sidetracked by a full shopping cart installation or cryptic HTML / CSS code.

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Is my customer's credit card data safe?

Yes! We use only the most advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology provided by McAfee Secure to protect the security of your online order information.

When your customers place their order online our SSL encrypts all their personal information including their card number, name and address before sending it to your payment gateway.

Additionally, our shopping cart system is verified secure though our Visa/Master Card PCI testing compliance.

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What kind of sales reporting do you have?

Here are just a few of the dozens of different report types we offer:

  • » Sales By Date Product
  • » Sales by Join Affiliate Program
  • » Sales By Clients
  • » Taxes By Date
  • » Sales by Card Type
  • » Export Sales Reports & Product Information
  • » Sales by Item Export
  • » Order Information Reports
  • » Product Sales by Date
  • » Export Affiliate
  • » Commission Reports
  • » Product Sales by Ad Campaign

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What is Digital Delivery software?

It's a special software that allows you to sell digital products (like .PDF's, mp3, or even video) online and have the system deliver the customers purchase to them automatically.

It works like this: Just upload your file once (up to 100mb each), then from that point on, anytime a sale is made, the 1AutomationWiz system will automatically distribute that file to your customer via direct download after they purchase.

The Digital Delivery feature is part of our Shopping Cart Pro Package.

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Can I import my existing products & clients from another cart?

Absolutely! You can upload both your product and client databases! This will save you literally HOURS over doing it all by hand.

Note: When uploading NEW client records, a double opt-in conformation is required if you wish to use your 1AutomationWiz account to send e-mail to these customers or subscribers and you can not upload previous sales history.

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How many products does a 1AutomationWiz account support?

The system supports up to 10,000 products per account and 10,000 client / prospect records to start.

However, you can upgrade the database limit of your account from within your control panel at any time up to 1.5 million client records.

If you have questions about upgrade pricing please call us at: 1-888-792-1961.

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Can I create Gift Certificate and Coupon promotions?

You sure can. You can create digital coupons, apply discounts to individual products or total orders all at once. You can even create special “bundles” and offer discounts and more.

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Can you install / set up my account for me?

We sure can. We offer various integration packages depending on your needs. For more info please contact us here.

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How much does 1AutomationWiz cost?

Depending on your business needs, it can be as little as $1 a day for our starter package. We offer several different ecommerce automation packages to cover businesses of all sizes.

Please see our account pricing page for details on pricing and the services that come with each package.

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What if I am not happy with the service?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed without risk, without obligation, without commitments, and without any expectations on our part. Simply e-mail us within 4 weeks of purchase and we will promptly refund your money with NO questions asked. Period!

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Email Marketing FAQs

Email marketing software from 1AutomationWiz. Fast, easy, reliable and simple to use.

Are there limits on how much email I can send each day?

Nope. In fact, unlike other e-mail service providers we don’t put a limit on how much or how often you send out email

And while it's true that many email providers will only let you send a certain number of emails per month without charging you extra fees.

But at 1AutomationWiz you are free to mail your clients, prospects and subscribers as often as you wish without the extra fees.

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How good is your e-mail delivery rate?

In a word, awesome! 1AutomationWiz boasts one of the highest delivery rates in the industry.

We average 97+% on double opt-in mail and 93% on single opt-in broadcasts.

We test our delivery rate daily through the networks below:


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Do you offer e-mail “Open Rate” tracking?

Absolutely! We offer:

  • Graphical statistics and metrics via your online control panel
  • Email delivery rates for opened (HTML only) delivered/failed/removed
  • Real-time tracking for Subscribes, Opt-ins and Removes

Link tracking for Autoresponders lets merchants track detailed click through stats for each message in a campaign as well as the campaign as a whole.

This also enables us to track sales and revenue back to a specific message in a campaign.

Tracking Orders back to AR Campaign:

Displaying referral in Order Details for Ad Trackers, Broadcasts, and Autoresponders; only the last click from Broadcast or AR is tracked as the referral, never both. This data is even exportable with the order now.

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Do you offer “Tagging” & List Segmentation?

We do!

“Tags” are essentially a “label” that you can add and remove to help categorize your subscribers

Once you apply a tag, our system displays all of your tags, and shows you the number of subscribers who have that particular tag. Just click the number shown to see specific subscribers quickly and easily.

You can use these “tags” to quickly send a broadcast, segment those subscribers into a new list or assign them to an auto responder instantly.

You can even set up your Web Forms to add a subscriber to any autoresponder, allowing you to to easily segment your Contacts WITHOUT the need to create numerous “Auto-Responders as Lists.”

You can even:

  • Segment by customer supplied profile data from web forms and surveys.
  • Group e-mail list by customer e-mail activity, including open & click-thru behavior.
  • Segment your list by geographic location, i.e. country, city, zip code, even by what they purchased in the past.
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Can I import my subscribers lists?

Yes you can import your existing mailing lists. All imported lists must go through our double opt tin confirmation process.

We make the process as painless as possible. You’ll import your lists and we will send a s double opt confirmation in message to those subscribers with a simple link that they need to click to confirm their subscription to your list.

You may choose to use one of seven different professionally crafted default messages we’ve pre-loaded in your account, or you can customize your own double opt confirmation in message to send.

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Can I export my subscribers lists?

Yes of course, after all they are YOUR customers, so you can export your customer, prospect or subscribers lists at anytime with just two clicks.

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Do you offer “double opt in” subscription confirmation?

Yes, we offer both single opt in AND double opt in subscription options, giving you the maximum flexibility to decide what’s best your list(s).

If you choose to use the double opt in subscription confirmation, we make it super easy to customize your own double opt confirmation in message, or you can use one of seven different professionally crafted default messages we’ve already loaded into your account.

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Can I use my account for multiple newsletters?

Of course. Using 1AutomationWiz, you can manage an unlimited number of mailing lists or newsletters.

Each subscriber list is segmented for you automatically so you will always know where your subscribers came from and what list they are on or what product they purchased.

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Can I import my list of subscribers & customers?

You can. We offer quick and easy import/export of your existing subscriber lists.

All imported subscriber lists need to go through our “double opt in confirmation” request before they are added permanently to your account.

You may choose one of seven (7) professionally written “opt in confirmation messages” available in the system or you may create your own based on our approval of its content.

Many people stay with sub-standard e-mail service providers because they worry about “losing” people off their lists by asking them to “opt-in” again.

It’s a needless concern and here’s why:

Yes you will lose some of the existing subscribers when you change e-mail service providers, anywhere from 10%-15% is average. But before you worry, keep in mind that the subscribers you lose aren’t buyers.

They typically are the “dead wood” in your list. Having them drop off not only saves you money, but also helps to improve your deliver score too!

NOTE: If your current e-mail service provider or autoresponder company doesn’t require 2x opt in when importing subscriber lists, watch out! Chances are their servers are not white listed by the major ISP’s and their deliver-ability is below 70%.

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How do my prospects subscribe to my mailing lists?

When we said we offer complete flexibility, we weren't’t kidding. Our system allows your subscribers to join your list in several different ways:

* Via autoresponder e-mail address
* Via specific autoresponder hyper link
* Via web form
* Or when they purchase a product from you

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Can I include different email signature in outgoing emails?

As a matter of fact you can! All 1AutomationWiz accounts supports MULTIPLE custom email signatures. You can use a different signature for any mailing you send.


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How much do you charge for your Broadcast Email & Autoresponder package?

At only $34 a month, our unlimited e-mail marketing package is one of the best values anywhere.

This package gives you unlimited autoresponder accounts with unlimited follow ups, unlimited e-mail broadcasting and dozens of HTML e-mail templates that you can use as is or customize for your specific purposes.

Starting with a database allocation of 10,000 subscribers you can upgrade your account to accommodate more subscribers at any time as your subscriber lists grow.

On a side note, our email marketing tools are included at no extra cost in our Basic and Pro packages.

Price quoted in USD and features a client database limit of Up to 10,000 clients (upgrades available to 1.5 Million)

For an account with a client database over 10,000, please contact our sales department for additional information, 1-888-255-6230.

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What other e-mail features should I know about?

Glad you asked. In addition all of the outstanding features we already listed above, your 1AutomationWiz Autoresponder Package, Basic Package and Pro Package also includes:

Customer support via 1-800 phone # or for free via our online help desk.

24 Hour access from anywhere in the world.

Product-specific auto responders.

New subscriber notices.

Our system automatically captures subscribers IP address.

Spam score checking for your outgoing messages.

The ability to send test messages to yourself for preview.

Receive notification of subscriptions.

Multiple subscriptions available if necessary.

Add your signature file(s) to auto responders & email broadcasts.

Complete online User Guide available 24/7.

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Internet Marketing Tools FAQs

Our Integrated suite of marketing tools means you don’t have bounce between different service providers patching different systems together.

What marketing tools do you offer?

Well, since you asked… depending on which package you choose, your 1AutomationWiz account provides:

  • Autoresponders
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • E-mail Marketing
  • 1 Click Up-Sell / Downs sell Software
  • Ad Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Web Form Creators
  • Online Surveys
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • Social Media Integration
  • Support for Pay Pal Auto-billing
  • Employee Access Management
  • QR Code Generator
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1 Click Up sells and Down Sells

Our Upsell Express software offers a simple, secure, 1 Click Upsell technology that allows you to instantly present multiple post-sale offers to customers who already have their credit cards out!

With Upsell Express, your customer NEVER to have to re-enter their credit card number or shipping information while they are in your sales funnel.

  • You’ll never risk original sale since transaction already processed
  • Integrate without making changes to existing products
  • Create offers and funnels and guide customers through them
  • Create down-sell items as a funnel option
  • Split test sales funnels to maximize profits
  • Analyze campaigns with built-in reporting tools
  • Automatic Down Sells if the customer declines the Upsell offer
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Employee Access Management

Giving access to your most important company data and client information to employees or virtual assistants presents a real problem for most business owners.

Now, with our “Limited User Access Management” feature you can selectively allow only certain individuals team access to your 1AutomationWiz control panel.

This gives you unprecedented control over who is allowed to access what in your back office. This gives you the freedom to delegate tasks without worrying about your or your customers sensitive business information and privacy.

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Tell me about your Ad Tracking?

Our ad tracking software makes it easy for you to track marketing campaigns and see exactly how each of your marketing channels and ads perform.

Our ad tracking software is so flexible that you can measure almost anything; web traffic, banner ads, Google Adwords, ad networks, conversions, and more.

* Create unlimited ad tracking campaigns

* Test and track links on your website, blog or content management system

* Test and track links on Twitter, Face book, google+ or any other social network

* Create unlimited “split-testing” campaigns and variations

* Track ads in e-mail, affiliate promotions and more

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What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a simple yet very powerful concept that lets you test two or more variations of an ad, campaign web page, promotion, opt in form and anything else.

The overall purpose of a split test is to determine which one of the different versions generate the highest conversions ROI.

The 1AutomationWiz system goes one better then traditional A/B split testing by allowing you split test between three variations simultaneously (A/B/C) for even faster results

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Tell me about your Sales Analytics & Reports

We supply detailed sales analytics and reporting that let you see sales, ROI, e-mail open rates, affiliate tracking and more.

Plus, like all our other marketing tools, our analytics are already built-in to your account including 1 click integration with google analytics too.

In addition to tracking click-through’s, our online shopping cart system tracks a number of other vital marketing statistics you need to know when running any online advertising campaign.

Clicks — Shows the number of click-through’s that particular ad tracker has recorded. Note, these are total clicks and not unique clicks.

Leads — Shows the number of clicks that resulted in sales.

Lead-Click Conversion — Shows the percentage of those who bought compared to the total number of click-throughs.

Sales Amount — Represents the total sum amount of all sales that resulted from a particular ad tracking campaign.

# Sales — Represents the total number of individual sales that resulted from a particular ad tracking campaign.

Click-Sale— Shows the number of click-through’s that resulted in direct sales.

Conversion — Shows the number of leads that converted to sales.

Visitor Value — Represents the average dollar value each customer is worth as a result of a specific ad campaign.

You can even track up to 3 variables at a time instead of just two

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Social Media Integration

With our special “Copy & Paste” shopping cart you can sell anywhere on the web – including your social media channels.

Our social media friendly shopping cart software makes it easy to sell your products and services, build your mailing lists and develop an affiliate network from ANY social network.

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Affiliate Software FAQs

When you use our PRO Package, you’ll have access your own affiliate software where you can build a network of affiliates selling your products.

Tell me about your Affiliate Tracking software

1AutomationWiz affiliate tracking solution gives you ALL the tools found in the most powerful & expensive software solutions at a fraction of the cost of some other affiliate program software!

Set up is easy too, because it’s already built-in. The software automatically talks to your shopping cart, email marketing tools, and sales reports too.

Your affiliates are automatically assigned their own custom affiliate URL and control panel log in when they sign up.

As the merchant, you have the ability to run reports, generate commission statements, see affiliate referral history and more.

You can even e-mail your entire network of affiliates directly from your accounts online control panel.

Note: In order to provide the MOST accurate referral tracking stats, we delay all affiliates sales reporting by 24 hours.

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Can I run multiple affiliate programs at the same time?

Yes, you can create as many affiliate programs as you need! You can even create different programs on a per web site or per product basis – you name it!

Each new affiliate program you create can feature a separate product, commission levels, media and even cookie control.

You can approve new affiliate applications manually or automatically.

Create custom affiliate pages, e-mail and terms of service including everything from banners and web site “Headers to Footer” files.

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What else does your Affiliate software do?

The 1AutomationWiz affiliate tracking software lets you automatically:

  • Recruit an unlimited number of affiliates on auto-pilot
  • Offer one OR two-tiers of commission levels
  • Total customize your affiliate portal
  • Provides all the codes for affiliate sign-up and affiliate login pages
  • Emails promo banners & affiliate links to your new affiliates
  • Create and manage multiple affiliate programs
  • Quickly generate and print affiliate commission reports
  • Distribute affiliate earnings via check or Pay Pal with a single click
  • Offer “custom commission levels” to special affiliates
  • Offers product specific commissions on percentage (%) or dollar basis
  • Adjusts commission payouts paid by “click” or by “sale”
  • Create “product specific” commissions for different products
  • Assign affiliate-specific referral destination URL’s for any affiliate
  • Pay commissions on “Recurring Billing” products or single pay products
  • Share or suppress “Buyer info” with your affiliates
  • Download affiliate sales activity to your computer, iPad or mobile phone
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How long does the software track affiliate referrals?

That's totally up to you. You can set up your affiliate program to track referrals from 24 hours to 10 years, or even as a single one time commission.

We give you total control over tracking cookie expiration dates and times. The choice is always up to you.

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Do I need install the affiliate software?

No. There is NO installation required. Unlike other affiliate program software that require complex set up and time consuming, expensive installations, 1AutomationWiz makes it easy to get set up with our unique “Point and Click” web based interface.

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Can I offer “Custom commission levels” for Super Affiliates?

Absolutely! You can assign a default commission level for any or all your affiliates.

However, if you want to give some of your affiliates a higher (or lower) commission rate, you can with just a click.

This is great for rewarding strong affiliates or when doing joint ventures!

If you want your affiliate program referrals to come to your site via a certain page, you can set that page as the default for one, or all your affiliate programs too!

If you would like a particular affiliate to direct prospects to a page specific to that affiliate, or to a certain product, you can do that too.

This is great technique for joint venture partner promotions.

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Do you support promotional media tracking?

We do. With 1AutomationWiz as the back end to your affiliate program you can:

  • You can create unlimited media for your affiliate team, including banners, text links, HTML/text ads, HTML/TXT emails, pop ups, flash banners and audio post cards.
  • Every ad can be directed at a different URL.

Plus, you also get easy to read online reporting for all your promotional media too.

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Digital Delivery Software FAQ's

The “Digital Download Solution” in our PRO Package is the ultimate content & digital delivery solution for any digital file, ezine, newsletter, book, catalogue, audio or video file.

What is Digital Delivery Software?

1AutomationWiz’s digital delivery software feature is the ultimate delivery solution for any digital file, ezine, newsletter, book, catalog, audio presentation, or video presentation that you sell online.

You can offer ANY type of digital e-book or digital file type: *.ebk, *.PDF, *.doc, *.txt, *.zip, .ra, .mpg, wma, etc. If it’s digital we can deliver it to your customers for you!


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How does it all work?

Once your customer’s order is approved the system dynamically generates a new download link specifically for THAT customer.

Next the system also sends them an email with that new link as well to make sure they have access to down load their new purchase.

Once they’ve downloaded the product, they are then automatically redirected to a “thank you” page to complete their transaction.

You can use the default “Thank You” page we provide or to ANY other page you wish.

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Where are my digital products hosted?

We store all your digital products on our secure servers so those files do not take up any space on your web hosting account.

You can upload digital files up to 100MB per file or more, and your account’s ‘Digital File Vault’ stores up to 1GB of your files at no extra charge.

Note: If you need to store more then 1 GB of data files, we offer inexpensive upgrades up to 5 GB.

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Are there extra charges for the bandwidth?

No, absolutely not. Your digital products are automatically delivered to your buyers via our high bandwidth servers at no extra charge – no matter how many downloads your account generates per month.

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Can I sell software or issue passwords with the system?

Of course. Like we said – the system can deliver ANY digital file.

You can even have the system distributes pin numbers, passwords, activation code, registration numbers, etc for you automatically when the customer downloads their new software.

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Merchant Account FAQ's

Setting up your own merchant account is one of the most confusing and intimidating processes new online entrepreneurs face.

So, we’re here to provide some straight answers about setting up your own online merchant account.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payment by debit or credit cards. These accounts are established through a bank, credit card company, or other payment processor such as a broker.

Merchant accounts are usually required for accepting customer credit card and electronic payments through an electronic commerce Web site or web store.

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Do you ever access to my merchant account?

No absolutely not! We are not a payment gateway or bank, therefore we do not collect or process the money that is transferred through your merchant account. So there’s never any need to access your merchant account.

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What is a Payment Gateway?

A “Payment Gateway”facilitates the secure transfer of information between the shopper and merchant.

It is usually a third-party service that is actually a system of computer processes that process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secure Internet connections.

The payment gateway is the infrastructure that allows a merchant to accept credit card and other forms of electronic payment by connecting the merchants web store sales transactions to the stores merchant bank.

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Why do I need a merchant account if I have a shopping cart?

The merchant account, payment gateway and your shopping cart software work together to form the basic sequence that allows you, to process credit card transactions online and have the money collected transferred to your bank account.

If you don’t have a merchant account, you can get one here, or you can use your Pay Pal account as well with your new 1AutomationWiz account.

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Are merchant accounts expensive?

Pricing for merchant accounts is all over the board, from “free merchant accounts” to as high as $1500.00. The market is extremely competitive with various vendors offering conflicting terms, fees and programs.

You can typically find a reputable merchant provider to set up an account for you for around $500.00, or you can get one for free here.

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Can you help me get a Merchant Account?

As a matter of fact we can. In fact, we’ll get you one for free!

You’ll pay no set up or up front fees, set up or up front fees and you’ll the lowest rates in the industry from one of the largest merchant account providers in the country.

We’ll even waive your gateway fees your first month.

After working with many different online merchant account providers over the years we’ve come to rely and trust one of the best in the industry,

We feel this is the perfect way to offer our clients a simple way to set up a merchant account that they can use with our online shopping cart software and their online business.

Emerchant is the third largest I.S.O in the country and offers our members outstanding rates, service and they have an impeccable reputation.

Click here for more information.

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We make ecommerce easy!